“Nanhi” is how little girls are endearingly called as and “Chhaan” refers to shade or protection. The not for profit organisation, Nanhi Chhaan conducted a Personality Development Programme for selected students at the NIIT University, Neemrana, Rajasthan. The five – day programme was held from the 10th till the 14th of December, 2018. The students who took part in this were part of the top thirty finalists of the Nanhi Chhaan National School Essay Contest, 2018. This conference helped in raising awareness and educating the young citizens of the country about crucial and sensitive issues that need to be urgently addressed. Some significant highlights of it are included below.

The Personality Development Programme mainly focused on three aspects – teamwork, collaboration and communication. Many eminent speakers touched upon the factors affecting these aspects. For example, teamwork can be achieved with the presence of trust, goal and role clarity. The pupils were also enlightened on how two – thirds of communication should consist of listening. “One must make sure that the core message is structured in such a way that it gets delivered in the correct manner,” the students were told.

On one of the days, an extremely motivational speech was rendered by Mr Kamal Singh at the terrace of the campus, called Asthachal. The participants were taught the importance of observing, listening and attempting to connect with nature. The notable spokesperson knew how to engage the students and grab their attention physically and visually. One other instance which allowed all to relish nature as well as interact with it was under the ‘Listening Tree’. The sessions consisted of spiritual aspects and emphasised the importance of self-introspection.

The interaction with Mr R. S. Pawar and Mr Harpal Singh brought a lot of thought-provoking questions. The students upon being split into five groups prepped on various issues like the adverse gender ratio, preservation of trees and lack of interfaith harmony. This turned out as an opportunity for them to break out of their comfort zones and network with everyone. The speakers tended to inform, challenge and inspire the students. There were some heated debates too. The learning proved to be interesting and effective when conversing with the President.

The participants were introduced to the projects that they were to work upon during the workshop namely – Cyber Security, Geographic Information Systems Management and Digital Marketing. Each of the teams into which the students were grouped was briefed on what they were to specialise in by remarkable professors. The students worked meticulously on all the days, striving to achieve their goals. Under the skilful guidance of their instructors, they were able to successfully pull off their presentations on the fourth day. The projects preparations and presentations would not have ended on a happy note if the organisers and coordinators had not offered timely aid by providing all the necessary facilities.

Over the week, the students were engaged in numerous exhausting and thrilling activities to kick – start the days. While the second day began with a small trek to the Suryodhay Sthal, the third day consisted of a campus ‘Eco Tour’ and a walk through the Sewage Treatment Plant of the University. The participants were enlightened on what a huge role renewable and reusable energy play in the current scenario, led by General A.K. Singh. The students were also shown the Earth Air Tunnel installed in the campus. They were taught on how these heat exchangers act as cooling systems. On the following day, and exhilarating feat of valley crossing was carried out. These activities left the students craving more adventure.

The cultural event on day four showcased everyone’s hidden talents. It consisted of many debates, dance and music performances, keeping the audience in awe. This visual delight worked as a good wrap up after the hectic five – day workshop.

Everyone’s curiosity was sparked at the conference. Not only had this imparted knowledge and values, but it had also created many cherishable memories. Participants from different parts of the country were able to come together and connect. The Personality Development Programme definitely developed everyone’s ways of thinking, letting them bring back an amazing experience with them.


Aparna Girish
Nanhi Chaan Participant
Sri Sankara Senior Sec. School
Chennai, Tamil Nadu