1 2 7 of Nonsense

What follows is a nonsense story, but I suggest you read it and keep up the pretense of understanding. It prepares you for the better. After reading this, listening to the news around the world will make more sense.

A singular dilemma of the triumvirate in the quadrangle of the Panchavati of Arumugam’s residence at the foothills of Sapthagiri was brewing.

The three princes of Serendip had somehow reached the foot of the Seven Hills and reached Arumugam’s house late one night. While Arumugam the six-faced host, went about receiving the unexpected guests in his ornate courtyard decorated by five large banyan trees, his slaves were getting the dinner ready in the classic style of Barmecide. In the center, there was this beautiful quadrangle, and the princes were settled on the three thrones well placed around the triangular table.

As the dinner progressed in the classic Barmecide style they could not see any food and hence the dilemma. They could not decide whether to tell their host about the absence of food or keep quiet as demanded by etiquette. This was their singular problem. Tired after traveling from Serendip, it was sheer serendipity that they stumbled upon a household famed for hospitality. But where was the food? In a true Shacabac manner they played along with Arumugam and they thanked him for all his generosity.

Then, when it was all over and they were nearly famished and ready to hit the sack, the six-faced Arumugam took the three from the four-sided courtyard with five banyan trees to another room, and lo and behold, served the dinner of their lifetime, putting to rest the singular dilemma of the triumvirate. All this in the foot of the Seven hills. Do you wish you were there?

By: Prof. Eswaran Narasimhan