Webinar: Women-Wings of Change

We at NIIT University consider ‘women’ as the bearer of leadership responsibility. We strongly believe in nurturing equality by recognizing women’s outstanding achievements in various fields. NIIT University’s main aim is to foster and assimilate the progress and advancements of women in all disciplines. On March 8th, 2021, for International Women’s day, Educatomic held a webinar titled ‘Women-Wings of Change’. This webinar addresses issues faced by women and discusses the importance of equality across all genders.


The panelists included the following eminent personalities:

  • Prof. Parimal Mandke
  • Ms. Kathy Ho
  • Ms. Corina Sujdea
  • Ms. Pallavi Sharma
  • Ms. Priyanka Roy Chowdhary
  • Prof. Mabel Quiroga