Hult Prize: Regional Impact Summit – Kuala Lumpur


Hult Prize is a global event for all entrepreneurial-minded students who have great ideas for profit or for good. It is considered as the ‘Nobel Prize for Students’ and has associations with eminent personalities like Bill Clinton (42nd President, USA), Mohammad Yunus, Bertil Hult, and many others. It has various rounds and the campus round of the Hult Prize was organized from August to December 2020. Many teams participated in the ‘On-Campus’ round with Team BioPure coming out as the winner and Team Greens and Team NeoPrime as first and second runners-up respectively. 

Team Greens, as the first runner-up in the on-campus round, got an opportunity to represent NIIT University in the Kuala Lumpur Regionals on March 27th, 2021. Team Greens aims at redefining food transportation. Massive amounts of crops are wasted in post-harvest activities due to improper handling, lack of proper storage facilities and poor cold chain logistics. Team Greens’s ideas attempt to minimize the losses through specially designed compact, isolated, lightweight containers.

Team Green’s members:

  • Ali khan (B.Tech, Batch of 2018-22)
  • Aman Mehra (B.Tech, Batch of 2018-22)
  • Ananya Tripathi (B.Tech, Batch of 2019-23)
  • Yamini Khandelwal (B.Tech, Batch of 2020-24)