The World Environment Day Quiz

The idea to prevent, halt and reverse the massive degradation of ecosystems is too smooth to hear on paper, but action speaks differently. A NUton cannot stay back when it comes to reshaping our very roots of nature. NU has successfully conducted a quiz on June 5th, 2021, for the occasion of World Environment Day. 

Students received a set of five questions at 9:36 AM and were given until 6 PM to submit answers that are practical, thoughtful, and fact-based. Additionally, students were allowed to add pictures, graphs, audio or video links, which allowed candidates to answer eloquently and mold their thinking in a dimension of their own. Each student was marked out of a total score of 250. The panel critically analyzed the answers for two days and declared the winners on June 7th, 2021. The core objective was to restructure the environment which has been altered by the human race for self-benefits and comforts.

  • First place at Rs. 5,000/- reward: Vishal Sahu, B.Tech, Batch 2019-2023 with 161 Marks. 
  • Second place at Rs. 3,000/- reward: Ayush Gupta, B.Tech, Batch of 2018-2022 with 158 marks.
  • Third place at Rs. 2,000/- reward: Ussam Siddiqui, iMBA, Batch of 2018-2022 with 155.5 marks.