Flag Hoisting Ceremony

Rising to the bright sun, India was gearing up for its 75th Independence day on August 15, 2021. Playing an important role in nurturing the young minds of the nation, NIIT University has always held this day close to its heart.

All the NU members were invited to attend the flag hoisting ceremony at the Central Bowl at 08:30 AM. Dr. Parimal Mandke held her head high as she hoisted the tricolor flag. She gave a short speech on how a free India allows scope for improvement and development. She also highlighted how educational institutions are the foundations for building the nation by providing the students and educators with the right set of skills. 

Moving into the segments of freedom, Prasad Wale (B. Tech, Batch of 2018-22), a Research Scholar, and a teaching assistant at NU, gave a passionate speech on how the perception of freedom has changed over time and how it is being taken for granted by many today. Mohd. Emon (B.Tech, Batch of 2019-23) from Bangladesh, beautifully connected the roots of harmony between India and his homeland. Additionally, he prayed for them to flourish together in the future.

The young bright mind, Aditya Narendra Bisht, son of ECE lab assistant Mr. Narendra Bisht also gave a speech about India and how it achieved its precious freedom with bravery and sacrifice. Lastly, Dr. Mandke was invited on stage for a prize distribution ceremony for the hardworking groundwork staff. 

The ceremony concluded with the distribution of sweets to all the attendees. As every year, Independence day was a day full of mixed emotions. It is a reminder of how our influence on the global stage is invaluable. It is us, the citizens who hold the baton in our hand to race our nation to prosperity.