She has less hats than the roles 

She plays with all around

She continually programs her ever-fluid goals

With constraints that has her inbound


Her experiences would need

Reams of paper if written,

The last food she often has to concede

The larder is empty and is now ten


Often waits for the new morn

In hope of a better day

The child is well and in the best of adorn

Oblivious to reality it goes to school way


Believe me – she too can reach new heights

Dare to give her an opportunity?

Oh! Men of might

You have been getting away with impunity


She has breached the stars and the skies

A coast-to-coast driver she has become

There is a slow reduction in things she vies

Rationalize the wages and income


She can turn the economy

From where it is now

Bless her with autonomy

Then you can rightfully way wow!


In the world where the peak where Eve rests

And the dingy kitchen where she is often relegated

Let her celebrate her fests

From the depths let her be elevated


 by: Prof. Eswaran Narasimhan